Question about physics and multiple attached actors

I have a spaceship with many parts attached to it. Each part is an actor that is parented to the ship and does not simulate physics and their hit and overlap events are disabled. The parts are basic empty actors with collision boxes and they don’t do anything special. Only the main ship actor simulates physics and contains the entire visual mesh. The problem is that when the ship is in motion, the framerate drops dramatically. When the ship comes to a stop, the framerate goes back to normal. I’m not sure what could be the cause of this. If all the pieces of the ship were actor components to the ship instead of regular actors, would that make a difference?

Run a profile on your map.

Once you play the profile back it will more or less paint a big red arrow as to what is causing the performance hit with out guessing.

Thanks the video was useful and I didn’t know about those tools. Unfortunately I don’t know what to make of the info it’s giving me. The issue doesn’t look like it’s with the gpu and I keep seeing high numbers on cpu stall and things like screen saver inhibitor. I have no idea what could be causing the cpu stall if that is actually the problem. I can only guess the original problem I was asking about is causing the problem but I don’t know how this can confirm that.

Disabled the collision on all the children actors and the problem goes away. Confirmed. For now I’ll just use a single collision Force field mesh.