Question about physics and collision

I downloaded 2 free models. and

I can’t enter the house, it has no doors, completely open. But once I get to the front porch my character just stops and can’t go inside.

I can’t jump on the back of the truck, my guy just stops in mid air and falls back to the ground.

Which properties would I need to edit/change to make it possible to enter the house or jump on the back of the truck?

Appreciate the help in advance.

could you show us the collision of your meshes?

Collision is not turned on at all in the details panel, other than that I have no idea what else to show.

Figured it out, I opened the mesh and went to auto convex collision and it fixed it for me.

It only fixed it on the truck, not the house.

Ok, you need to see how is the collision on your meshes.
If they are static meshes, you can generate them on the Mesh editor.

-If you have a very simple collision, this could be happening:


So the player can’t walk through the door, because the collision is blocking it

-You can use the option collision-> auto convex collision, set the accuracy and max hull values, click apply and generate something like this:

as you can see, this collision allow the player to walk throght the door.

-You can use this option too, and the engine will use the mesh to determine de collision. This is not good for performance, but dependens on how much meshes with this kind of collision will you have on the scene.

In you truck example, you probably need to apply or create a diferent kind of collision that fit better with your truck mesh.

By the other hand, if you have skeletal meshes, you will need to adjunt a physics asset:


Appreciate that, I tried setting the max hull verts and the accuracy on the house and it fixed it somewhat, still wouldn’t walk thru some of the doors.

Is it common to just delete the collision and build box collisons and apply to my house? Would take a long time but I would eventually get it done.