Question about open-world map creation

Let me start off by clarifying that I am new to UE4, I haven’t done much with the software beyond importing assets from blender and substance painter, as I am currently more focused on learning how to create game assets. However, I do intend to learn the engine in time and begin by creating simple projects and what now.

That being said, I do admittedly have a lot of impossibly ambitious ideas, and seeing as how I haven’t been able to find a clear answer, I figured I would ask here. From what I’ve learned, the max size limit for a level in UE4 is 20 by 20km, my question is whether or not it is possible to exceed that limit, I’ve found some information suggesting that it’s possible, I’ve seen videos of infinitely generating terrain for example. But what I’m wondering is whether or not it’s possible to create a system similar to that seen in Minecraft or Space-Engine, where instead of generating the entire map at once, the game only generates a small section of a larger world in the player’s visible range, that then de-generates when the player leaves, but all the world-information is saved so the exact-same area reappears when they return to that area, the same as how they left it.

If that’s not possible, I’m curious if there are any other techniques that can be used to generate worlds that exceed the max limit, or create the illusion of exceeding the max limit. I know something like this would be very difficult to pull-off, but I’m just curious.

Look into world composition as that is what it does. I did hear world composition was gonna change with UE5 though , not sure exactly how yet.

Unreal engine supports this through a number of system – World Composition, Level Streaming, and Origin Shifting. For very large levels, Origin Shifting really is crucial, because the floating point values used by the physics engine start behaving strangely far away from the origin, so re-centering the origin nearer to the player every 4 km or so solves a lot of physics stability problems.
Also, for performance, you will want to unload and not simulate geometry that is far away. Designing your level to not require 30 km view lines is going to be important!

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Alright, do you happen to know any good resources for learning how to use World Composition?

You can start here . UE4 WORLD COMPOSITION - YouTube