Question about new Items

So I have seen mods where they make Narcotic in whatever new table they have created to make it faster or what ever and the game sees this narcotic the same as normal narcotic even though it has been modified to stack more or what ever. I want to do this with stone but cant figure out how. Can someone help me please. I have a box it makes my stone that all works fine. I have made my stone a child of stone but I still cant craft anything with it.

You must reparent the Blueprint with the item that you like. Than is the new item the same as the normal item. For examble
you like a new stone so reparent the blueprint to the normal stone and the game see the new stona as a normal stone and you can craft with it all items with stones.

Or you remap the normal stone with the new stone in the Primal Game Data. But than you have a Problem with other mods than your mod is not

Normal stone is the parent of my stone.

I figured out the problem I had items is BP checked. I unchecked it. It works now.