Question About Moving Ships - Coruscant Style

Hey everyone, I’m trying to figure out the best way to make an air traffic lane similar to Coruscant like you can see in Star Wars Episode 2.
I recall seeing air traffic in the Unreal SciFi city demo, but have no idea where to find it to see how it was created. Should I make every single
vehicle with matinees and just let them keep looping? I’m all ears to learn how to make this work. I’d also attach a kill volume to them in case
any players ever get hit by a ship so they instantly die too.


I’m open to all suggestions!


Download the fps template from the UE4 learning. It has the cars flying by like that.

That’s exactly what I needed! Thank you !!

Depends on how close they are, further away you can just use a texture on a plane and have it animate the texture. In Episode I it was just simple animation, but for Episode II since there was more going on there they made a system that would automatically animate the traffic onto a splines that they placed.

That is true. But because the player will be right in the thick of the traffic I need the models :slight_smile:

The particle emitter doesn’t have any collisions on the ships though? Would you know why? Just need to back them solid in case the player gets hit by them so they go flllllying!

You’ll likely need to put together a blueprint system to control it, where it would spawn the meshes and direct their animation and optimize the performance.

Yup, would advise the use of hierarchical instanced static meshes and disable dynamic shadows on the meshes (or just no shadows at all) they will make a big performance hit. Don’t forget to LOD the meshes.

Do you have a video of your work I could check out? Would really like to see how other handled this kind of thing.

If you’re just looking for simple back and forth movement DON’s navigator can handle it efficiently.