Question about Modular Buildings.


I am currently creating a large open world map and have a question about creating buildings in a modular style. I was wondering whether using a modular style would result in too many draw calls. This is something I was informed of by someone I was working on another project with. To get a sense of what I am working with this is a modular panel . I would probably use about 6 of them on each side of a building. Other modular parts I would use would be roofs, etc. Sometimes I may even use a different modular piece for each floor ( would that be ok?). I suppose my question is would it just be better to create the building from modular pieces in the 3D modeling program and then merge them together as one object.

Thanks in advance.

It can end up as too many draw calls, one of the things you have to do is balance the amount of memory used with the number of draw calls, sometimes the poly count of an object isn’t ridiculous and it’s fine to use a unique object rather than building it from several pieces.

Can get to be some high draw calls but depending or your setup most likely won’t run out, but that piece seems a bit too small. In regards to you want some decent size / aspect to your pieces when modular building so you for example don’t use 20 pieces in a row to make 1 wall. Or like you say 6 on each side of a building. It would be better to make it into 1 piece that held 6 of them, that way your building goes from 24 draw calls for the walls to 4. Now can divide that up with various options like adding trim or no trim, and mix and matching to get lots of variables without sucking up draw calls. Also want to really look into texture atlasing, which will be key to modular designing. Basically it’s putting several pieces together in same texture. That way your GPU only has to load the one texture to handle a good amount of the scene. Instead of constantly swapping between dozens of smaller ones.

There are numerous really good examples of modular building guides, and guides for atlasing.

Does Simplygon allow you to create single, lower detail meshes of groups of high detail meshes?

A hierarchical approach to LODs like this is a great way of keeping draw counts down on large, detailed areas using modular building pieces.