Question about MMO Game

Hi all, I have a few ideas about a racing MMO game, but I am not sure about some things. I would like to create a “lobby” for a race that 5-6 people join, start the race, count the time etc, while the rest of the players are doing other races or just drive in the free world. How can I achieve this? Any ideas will be great.

What do you have so far?

Prototype your qame first before you do any work on mmo infrastructure and code. Not all ideas that look awesome translate well over to real multiplayer game. Do not waste time on advanced server stuff if you do not have solid gameplay that is fun in multiplayer. Look at things like cheating or trolling other players, if your game idea may be abused.

Doing all that hard multiplayer stuff just to find out game does not work well in mmo setting is huge waste of time. So make minimal multiplayer setup, then test gameplay.

I guess you are right. I was thinking of making something like NFS World that was shutdown by EA, probably weren’t making any more money. It was pretty fun, it worked pretty well in MMO. But maybe I should work on the main gameplay first as you mentioned. I am struggling on what to do on my first game, I am between this and an FPS game. I have a lot of thinking to do I guess. Thanks guys.

FPS games are far easier in terms of difficulty, especially as a starting point for learning unreal.
Driving games look easy, but they can be really tough to perfect, especially leveraging UE4 right now.
MMO’s are unbelievably tough too, there’s so many moving parts, so much to think about.
Agree with Nawrot’s advice, start with a prototype. But study MMO’s now to understand the additional work…

Thank you for the info. I guess I will go with the FPS as my first game. I guess the toughest thing will be animations but I can just buy some and with some settings it should work alright.

No worries. The nice thing about FPS is you don’t need to sweat over anims as much as with TPS/RPG etc.
Also, you get basic ones included with UE4, and Mixamo is giving away some for free too, so do a search.

That’s true but settings up the animations, weapon position etc. sounds hard, but I guess I will never know unless I try it. I am already checking the tutorial how to set up a character, going good so far :slight_smile: