question about minimum assets

Hi, I read somewhere that there was a minimum number of assets needed.

I’d like to release a single material (priced accordingly), this would contain 3 textures, plus a material, and maybe source assets - would this be enough to qualify? Just not sure what counts as an assets basically …


ok, let me be more specific :¬)

rather than releasing material packs with 50 materials for $50, what if I were to release 1 material for $1??? That way you only get the one you want. This might appeal to the more budget conscious developer, right?

But my brief read through the requirements made me think that Epic does not allow this - so can anyone clarify this situation?


from the marketplace submission guidelines.

hope that helps:)

It sounds to me that an “asset” is a complete usable asset, which includes all the separate parts if applicable.

Also, the lowest price they offer as an option for your product is $4.99

ok, so I guess I’m looking at 5 materials for $4.99 as a minimum then

thanks for the replies