Question about mesh loading time


First, i’m sorry for my english.

I’m thinking about the best way to manage the loading of objects (loading clipping?) in order to avoid lags to make a npc city in my game and a basic housing system.

My question will be possibly not very clear. i not have the good words for that.

to take an exemple, the game ARK have a building system with a lot of meshs for fondation / walls / door /etc. But when there is a lot of building part there is a kind of clipping when you return to your base or for load an other player base.

There is somes differents ways for make housing / building mesh.

  • like ARK or marketplace building structure with a lot of mesh.
  • one unique mesh for a building
  • make a mesh with a lot of others mesh.

And certainly somes ways that i don’t see.

if i make a static npc city with a lot of meshs for fondations / walls / doors /etc. will I get a worst loading time than with a single mesh by building ?