Question about mass and gravity scalein BP

Hi All! Could you help me please? Changing the mass of an object in blueprint doesn’t work also gravity scale. But if I change gravity in projects settings it works. Could you explain why?

Basic physics first: Two objects of different masses will fall at the same rate of acceleration in the same gravity field, thus changing the mass will do nothing … as you saw in the example video you provided.

Now, are you looking to change the gravity of the entire level, or just for that specific actor?

for a specific actor, I want to have control of gravity for different actors

You are working in your BP_Player. In this case you would change the gravity in the Character Movement Component. I can’t tell if you have a Character Movement Component or not because your Project Settings window is in the way. However, if you do, that’s where you would set it. Go to the details panel (with the movement component selected) and search for Gravity Scale.

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Thank you!

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Just thought I’d throw this in:

If you’re trying to change gravity for an actor that doesn’t have a movement component, you can’t, or at least, I don’t know how. But what you can do is, if you want to simulate decreased gravity, is adjust the actor’s ‘linear damping’ setting upward.

I don’t know how you would do it for an actor (without a movement component) that you wanted to increase gravity for.

Also, some other components, like the ProjectileMovementComponent also have the Gravity Scale setting.

Good luck.

Mhm. I’d like to witness Brian_Cox talk to this guy:


I’ll just add that this value can be negative if you want to simulate something like reduced air resistance. But it will not be proper physics.

I don’t know how you would do it for an actor (without a movement component) that you wanted to increase gravity for.

Keep adding force in the negative Z on per-object basis. And the above-mentioned drag is best achieved by negating velocity and multiplying it by a coefficient.

There’s no tickbox for this behaviour, afaik. Do tell if you need an example.

I just played around with it some, setting negative does the trick. You can simulate increased gravity by setting a negative linear damping.