Question about Marketplace Music Packs and Youtube

Hello! So, one of our players had noticed that their youtube clip has been copyright claimed because of music we bought through the Unreal Marketplace music packs. We’ve talked to the artist and they considered it as sublicensing and we have since removed all their music from our game.

What I’d like to ask is that “are all music in the unreal marketplace like these” and we can’t use any BGM on the Marketplace if our players wanted to record a clip of our game? If so then we’ll stop using the Marketplace for anything since we’ll have a risk to our players and will look to find a dedicated composer ourselves. All of these are music taken from this person Content by V.G - UE Marketplace. through their

Attached below are some of the claims our players faced.


and (two different clips).

We hope to get some help regarding these matters, but for now, we have decided to remove all BGM by the artist from our game and will not further use and music from the marketplace.

Generally that is how it is with music, to avoid this some games implement an settings option called “streaming mode” or similar which basically turns off copyright music during gameplay.
However, this is not an Unreal Marketplace only issue.