Question about marketplace content creation.

I am creating blueprint only first person shooter example using existing ShooterGame assets. I am going to submit it to the UE marketplace. So can I use ShooterGame assets into my marketplace content which I am creating and upload ?.

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I’m pretty sure the answer is no. Epic clarified in a thread a couple of days ago that you cannot use any Epic asset (art, sound, models, etc) in any submission to the Marketplace. You also can’t use any assets you bought off the Marketplace in your own Marketplace submission.

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Check out this post from Jon Jones


I have included the “Owen” character adn the shootergame rifle in my product on the marketplace and I have had zero complaints from them.

Epic should really clear this up once and for all. There seems to be a lot of confusion.

Off course you can’t sell the free stuff, but I use the free stuff to demonstrate what my product can actually do.

A ton of projects use the blue guy, some of the standard architecture or material globe. I use what I mentioned above.
Some people include the demo level stuff to present their projects in a very professional manner. (I should do this actually).

I agree with you, Rasped. They should at least allow us to use Starter content. If you’re doing a Blueprint, you’re not necessarily going to be able to create all new art to showcase it. Perhaps have a condition that just requires you to clearly state what Starter content was used, so potential buyers don’t buy the pack under false pretenses (“Wow, that’s a nice looking blue guy…sold!”).

As best practice, and in defense of Epic’s current licensing, creating new policies in an open forum is not a good idea as in my experience if you give an inch then most will take a mile.

Epic could say “yes you can use the content for this purpose” but most will hear “Yes you can use the content” and leave out “for this purpose” and as history has proven out Epic has never answers these types of questions that goes beyond the scope of the posted terms and conditions.

Personal opinion I’m not keen in the idea of mixed products with different copyright concerns, art and code have two totally different copyright and licensing concerns, but OK with the idea to showcase and demonstrate blueprint use. To find out if you can do it just give Chance a PM and he can deal with the question off forum, At the very least you should get some kind of answer. :wink:

Thanks for the replies.
From Jon Jones post I think it is not allowed. I not very good at creating animations and art stuff. Now I need to hire someone to do the art side of content.

I want use same Owen character with animations.

I’m just going to test it then.

Epic?, Jon? Anyone?

Am I doing something I shouldn’t be doing? I’m including both the shooter example rifle and the Owen character in my marketplace asset, is this ok?


This seems to not be the case by simply looking at the approved submissions. My assumption is if the starter content you are including is not the substance of your submission it should be okay. i.e the walljump blueprint is selling the function of the walljump and perhaps an animation. But it clearly uses Epic art and models as the default character is utilized?

As far as I know it’s simple - you are allowed to use anything that comes with UE4. So you can use Starter Content like the blue guy and the fire and particles. But everything else where you manually have to download anything, like the Kite Assets, the ShooterExample, the ContentExample content, and community examples in the Marketplace are not allowed to be used in submissions, and I think this makes sense.

It’s clear that some products in the marketplace do use sample assets but only in support of the product and not as a dependency as to functionality.

If you have questions as to what you can or can not make use of then best practice would be to PM Chance directly and he can field the question to the proper department as I’ve yet to see Epic respond to questions based on unique requirements.

Hey guys, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We know the guidelines for the marketplace are a bit murky and we are aware of this problem. I just want to let you guys know that we are working on editing the guidelines for this. We will let you know further details as soon as we have them.

Hi Reubitron, do you know if there has been any changes regarding this matter? For someone making a blueprint based toolkit, it’s not always easy to make custom assets, especially animations. Sounds, materials and effects can be usually created in-engine without using external assets, but it’s not the same for animations. And for sellers working on blueprint based toolkits, it kind of limits the scope of marketplace products we can work on, given that animations from Epic’s Animation starter pack are not allowed to be used.

Is it possible if sellers could pitch the idea to the marketplace team and discuss why a particular animation from Epic’s ASP is paramount to the creation of the toolkit? And I’m enquiring here about only certain animations from the animation starter pack that are relevant to the product, not even the whole pack. And not any of the fancy assets that are released as part of Content examples, GDC Features etc either.

Hi Stormrage! Hopefully this will help provide a bit of clarification. We’ve expanded our rules somewhat to allow for the use of Epic starter and sample content for presentation and demo purposes, especially for Blueprints and code plugins. We don’t have a rigidly defined ruleset for it, but a general rule of thumb is to use only as much content as you need to demonstrate functionality, and make sure that the bulk of your submission isn’t the Epic content. What you’re presenting should focus on the functionality rather than the included art. If a person looking at screenshots or watching the video could reasonably assume that it’s an environment art pack instead of your Blueprint, you’re probably using too much. So far since we’ve relaxed the guidelines for how content can be used in presentations, it’s been going quite well, and we have not yet had to request anyone remove or reduce the amount of Epic content.

With regards to your submission, I’d be happy to speak with you privately in more detail if you’d like. If anyone else has questions or would like me to expand upon this, I can here as well.

Thanks Jon. My current set of toolkits do not require any extra assets, but I have some plans for new toolkits in the coming months that might require one or two anims from the ASP. I will contact you with the information once the design document is ready.