Question about making radio?

Hi everyone
I was wondering how to fix a radio system

Like this photo
How can I do that the next song is performed by rotating the scroll


make a array of that object Sound with all sounds and change index with the wheel

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'm Not going to comment further noticed


maybe you can use a switch on int and a var as entrance with a var = var +1 when your wheel go through and var = var-1 when wheel go back.

( Oh and add a branch before the +1 / -1 to check if var is max or 0 then set var 0 or max ^^. )

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Just tried to do it :

I forgot : maxsong is not max number of songs but max number of switch (in the example : 3)



that works, you must limit the counters and do errors check and that things like change “Current” index from Last item to First Item and inverse when you reach the final of array.

if you want different playlist you can have more arrays and switch between then too

that BP have few errors i do that in one minute without think too much the logic :stuck_out_tongue: but that the basic.

Thanks for reply
But when I put the music I
SONGS were run in tandem
I want to run only once


i not play with sound yet, but check the “Sound Cue” asset and search for manuals and/or examples. The options are few and seems clearly

What i did for my car radio was, i put all the songs into the same sound cue and set them up with a switch node. Then every time i click on the radio it sets the integer and switches the song.

Hi again,
sorry for mistake. This one works fine. the new vars are sound cue and sound cue array where you set your sounds in the array. You just have to set an ambient sound component in level.

You mean I will not have it
If the pictures explain better

No, i didnt mean mine is the only way. You can follow the suggestions above and do just fine.

Error performing the music
help Friends

If newvar2 is an ambient sound component set in level you don’t have to add the switch on int and the others after. set and play before the switch do the job (as on my last picture)

Have you set your sound cues in the sounds array too ?

I replaced the switch by an array as knack suggested because if you have more than 3/4 songs, switch will be a long boring copy/paste.