Question about levels

Hi everyone.

I’m new to the UE4 Engine and new to editing and trying to learn this. But I wonder about one thing and that is, what is levels and projects? And do I lose my project if I build levels?

Not sure if it has been asked before as I tried finding an answer to this. Could not find any answer to it.

Hey and welcome!

Project - Your whole “Game” Project. Contains all data like Meshs/Models, Sounds, Materials, Textures, LEVELS, Blueprints, C++ Classes, etc. which you want to use when creating Levels/your Game

Level - One of maybe multiple Levels in your Project. The 3D or 2D representation of your Game, where the Player walks and interacts in.

Examples for Levels: A Main Menu, Maps in CounterStrike or Unreal Tournament are Levels, the different Zones in Pokemon are 2D Levels, the Towns,
ares and Instances in MMOs are multiple Levels.

I hope that makes it a bit clearer (:

Ok Thanks.