Question about Level Streaming

I attempted to setup level streaming earlier today. I created two new levels attached to my persistent level (for simplicities sake I call them A & B). With Level A selected I dropped in a Level Streaming volume and resized it to cover a sizable chunk of my project map. Unfortunately, after saving A I see no perspective change whether I click on the persistent level (master file) or the A level. Its obvious I’m missing something, can any tell me what it is I’m either doing wrong or have missed?

Thanks in advance


Well there is a couple of ways to include a level stream. The most common is select Window > Levels and add existing or create a new level on a selection. From there you can change the level streaming from BP to always loaded by right clicking on the level. I’m assuming as I have not done streaming by BP but as with all volumes including the level in the level list is a prerequisite to tying into a BP or a level streaming volume.

That is exactly what I did, twice. When I added a level streaming volume and adjusted its size to fit the areas that I needed it didn’t react as I had expected - toggle between the persistent level and either level A or B. I need to know how to attach that level streaming volume to the appropriate level (A or B). I feel I may have missed a step. have I?