Question About Level Streaming

I have an idea, and have only run across one way of pulling it off. Want to check the feasibility before I dive into it. Let’s say I have a player in a box (call it the TARDIS, for kicks). The box has four different buttons. When the player presses any one of the buttons, the place the box is sitting in changes. So, for example, the TARDIS is sitting in the middle of a jungle temple. Player presses button #1, and suddenly it is in an underwater complex. Then the player walks outside, picks up a tool, and presses button #2. Now the TARDIS is in a… uh… a desert.

Obviously, I want to do this all seamlessly–no loading screen and the player position doesn’t reset–and any object the player is carrying in his/her hands should come with him/her. Does this sound like something the Level Streaming/World Composition tools can do? Layer four levels on top of each other and toggle visibility/collidability…existence… between them?

No, I’m not trying to make a Dr. Who game.

What you are describing is essentially like a menu…almost. You hit the button and the next level loads. There’s a blueprint function just for that which is used to load a level for a menu, you just need to attach it to your button.

You could use level streaming for that -> just create single maps which you then stream in and out when the player presses a button :slight_smile: