Question about level streaming with a specific level setup - only use ONE LandscapeActor in ARK???

I’d like to create a more ancient and industrial version with some bold 'n old Tek represenations of the ARK station we saw in the first Ascension game sequence.
This is what I have.


Yes, the Obelisk is underneath. It must not ruin the sight on top of the landscape.

One dome compared to The Island map (domes radius around RingBase within The Island Map boundaries)

The two following scribble pages should clarify my whole plan. I just hope for somebody to take the time and read it that exactly knows what deeply devastating obstacles I could run into should I start the wrong way.


And that is the question.
Please notice the last thought at the bottom before answering. Since this project could become an interesting one for other mappers who would like to see their dome in the same map the option to co-develop this thing the easiest way would be very much appreciated.