[Question] About Level Blueprint variable

If i make a variable public in Level Blueprint then in which tab does it appear? If it appears nowhere then i would like to request for a new feature that exposes public variables of Level Blueprint in world settings tab.

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Hey Satheesh,

Thanks for your question! Currently, Exposed variables in the Level blueprint do not show up in any new locations such as the World Settings tab. The only place you will be able to edit/set those Level blueprint variables (outside of the EventGraph) will be on the Defaults tab. The intention is that users will only be able to edit the default values from that tab, so to avoid confusing users by having Expose available we are considering disabling the Expose option for Level blueprints.

If you have any workflow suggestions that you think would work better for editing Level blueprint variables, please let us know :slight_smile:



Hi Steve. Am afraid i dont understand where i can access this Defaults Tab. Level Blueprint doesnt have a Defaults Tab so can you please direct me where i can find this Defaults Tab?

As for the workflow i do have a suggestion which is to have a new group under World Settings called “Level Blueprint variables” and there you can have all those variables exposed from Level BP. So we can quickly change the values without having to open Level BP editor.

My apologies, the Defaults tab for the Level blueprint can be accessed from going to Windows > Blueprint Defaults from within the blueprint editor.

Thanks Steve. But the defaults tab stays open only if Level Blueprint is visible. It would be really good if that Defaults tab is accessible and dockable like other tabs (eg: Details Tab, Layers Tab, Scene Outliner Tab etc).

Hey Satheesh,

I agree that having the Defaults for a Level blueprint accessible without having to open the blueprint itself would be a workflow improvement and have filed a feature request to see if we can get that Defaults tab to be dockable outside of the Blueprint editor. Hopefully we can provide some feedback soon if this is something we are able to implement.



Thank you very much Steve. :slight_smile:

Any news on this feature, or a link to the feature request?