Question about Landscaping

Hey all, I am new to the engine and community, hope I am posting in the right place. I am really trying to master the landscaping part of world building. First thing I did was apply a material such as M_Ground_Grass to the landscape and that gave me the desired base landscape, but apart from use the sculp tool to make mountains and such, I couldnt do anything more. I found out I had to use Landscape_Material to paint a very basic and unrealistic looking grass, dirt and snow. Can anyone help me and point me on the right track? How can I get fluid at landscaping, for example having grass and then having dirt and gravel here and there. Also the tutorial said shift and left mouse would remove the paint but it didnt :confused: Thanks in advance.

Just watch some landscape tutorials so that you get the basics. After that -> learning by doing :slight_smile:

For a good landscape material you will also have to learn how to create textures + how to use the material editor -> take a look at the materials from the free demos that you can find in the learn tab of your launcher. Just break them apart and find out how they work
Basically you need a diffuse, normal, specular and probably also a displacement texture. In the material I would recommend you to always add some variation effects -> in the grass material from the starter content you can see how to do that

Thank you so much for the pointers :slight_smile: I have to say I love the engine, trying to recreate Greco-Roman temples and stuff to practice lol. I see now that I need to mess around with the textures in the Landscape_Material. So Landscape_Material is the actual material that I configure and such through its settings. Gotta learn how to do all that lol. Again, thanks :slight_smile: