Question about GUI, Loginsystem and Startscreen

Hey Guys,

I’m new here and want to create my first MMORPG but actually there are some steps to resolve:

  1. Dedicated Server and his contents - Win or Linux?
  2. Loginsystem (only blueprint!!!)
  3. UI - Widegets

To the first point I only need to know what should be in the package. The creation of this type is readable on epics git repro.
The secound and thirth point are points where I missed some nice “How To’s”.

The loginsystem should only be BP -> JSON -> MySQL, inclueding some security features. So if I start a UE4 Game (Third Person
BP only) then at first it should not be port me to the startmap, it should load the entire Loginscreen/Startupscreen where you can
login, register and/or quit.

If you chose register, then there should be come up a new “page” for registration with all the needed stuff, otherwise it should be
loading a serverlist, to choose the server for playing and after that it should be show you your character list (max. of 5 char each account).

At this point I don’t found anything how to solve this, the creation of the login system and the posibillity to use widgets before loading the
real “game instance”.

I only found a 4 part video on youtube where the creator shows his loginsystem with server/map-chooser and an inventory system but he
hasn’t released the source nor a tutorial how he has built it but in the heading he wrotes “no c++”.

I hope that you can help me with this, it will be glad to get these problems solved.


This is a huuuuuuuge question and 1 that you are not going to be able to solve without investing a lot of time into learning the engine and programming techniques. Start with something smaller.

Try just a small multiplayer game and you can use 1 of the REST plugins to communicate with your web server for login etc.

There is already something that sounds exactly what you want on the market, MMO Starter Kit - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums This from what looks like it is exactly what your looking for, you won’t be able to find a simpler solution to be honest and you need experience to be able to create something like this from scratch… Trust me its not easy… you could waste around a full 6month just trying to get to the point that kit is already at!

@ZoltanJr - That’s right, it’s a rly big “thing” with a hugh ToDo-List, but it’s my goal to create/finish this and there is no other MP-Game idea as actually planned.

@frostyshield - Thanks for that link, it’s amazing but the current price is actually not payable at this moment but I added it to our “List for important things to buy”.
There are only small points to optimize this nice addon (form fields are not aligned correctly) but this shouldn’t matter.