Question about ground height issues when placing structures

Hello forums!
Has anyone run into the issue where the game is using the bottom of the map to determine the height of an item? One of my foundations occasionally reports that it is too far away when attempting to place something else on top of it.

The to be placed item has a foundation check in excess of (its own height plus the height of the foundation) *2 but it still isn’t enough in some cases. It seems to have no impact if the height of the item is changed so more is sticking out of the ground, and ones to either side of the first foundation work no problem. I also turned the foundation check up to 15,000 and the only effect it had was allowing pieces to be placed magically into the air. Any idea where I can look to fix this issue or is it an engine bug? Thanks for any info you guys can give!

I posted this as a bug on the Ark forums Bug section.