Question about Graphics Renderer choice for a project

Hi everyone, first post here and I imagine what I am asking is a very noob question but I’ve been looking for an answer all over and can’t seem to find one so here it goes:

Can I simultaneously target OpenGL ES 2 and OpenGL ES 3 capable devices in the same android project (and if so, how) or is it necessary to create and build 2 separate projects of the same game, each targeting specifically one of the aforementioned?

In the same line I’d also like to know if the same applies for a game project set up with Vulkan support: can the same project simultaneously target Vulkan and OpenGL ES or would I have to target Vulkan with it’s own UE4 project and Open GL with a different project/build?


Yes, it will fall back to the proper RHI but be aware the data size will be larger since it will need shaders for each format included.