Question about GPU Lightmass

Hi. I am a little confused. In order to use the new GPU Lightmass to bake lighting, is it the fact that you can only use it with an RTX card (like a 3070, 3080 or 3090)?

I have an older, but in its time a very powerful Quadro GPU (it still is powerful). It is a Quadro M6000 (although it has an M in it, it is a large card in an HP Z workstation). Like I said, it was and still is very powerful. Will it work with GPU Lightmass?

Thank you for your help!

It requires raytracing. Nvidia drivers enable raytracing support down to the 10 series (1060 and up) but the Quadro M6000 is a Maxwell card so my blind guess is it won’t work.

Thank you. That’s too bad. It’s funny because you can enable it in the various places, but when you bring up the GPU Lightmass panel, the build Lighting button is grayed out. It would be better if they warned you or gave you some indication that it won’t work when you enable it.
Thanks again!