Question about getting VR View enabled with Rift

Hello, this is my first post here. I am messing around with today’s UE4 release. I opened the sample map called Leveldesign_Workflow.umap and found a blueprint file called BP_VRcharacter. I assume this works the same way as Unity’s OVRplayer controller where you can just drag and drop it to the scene? I am not sure because it’s not working. Perhaps theres an extra variable I need to check, or another camera somewhere that needs to be deleted? I noticed the “Oculus Rift Plugin 1.0” under edit, and plugins.

As a side note, I was confused by this Engadget article as it appears the support is already integrated in the program?
“…There’s also evidence in the source code that Epic’s working on Oculus Rift, Linux, Steam Machines and HTML5 support…”*

Does this version have drag and drop support similar to unity, or does it have to be coded in with all of that offset frustum stuff, etc.

From memory, the Oculus Rift doesn’t work in the editor.

As for the BP_VRCharacter, its sound like its a character, not a controller.

The standard player controller supports the Oculus Rift, provided it is plugged in and you’re not playing-in-editor.

Trying running a standalone game.

See Oculus Rift on the wiki.