Question about gameworks integration

Are VXGI, HBAO+, WaveWorks, HairWorks, FLEX, and Turbulence,cataclysm all integrated into the latest gameworks build? i see a few different multi integration builds going on…like for instance galaxyman has a build where cataclysm+flex and others are integrated and there is a official gameworks build on github but it does not look like it has the FLIP cataclysm solver in it. i was also wondering if turbulence is standard in UE4 built into the regular builds or gameworks build. and is flex nvidia hardware accelerated? cause i remember back with a older version it seemed like flex was more cuda core bound…theres another thing too… i think with the blast windows demo in a earlier version it was GPU hardware based but i use blast in the UE4 engine and it seems more CPU based. maybe i’m wrong about a few things but then maybe someone can clarify everything.