Question about Gamepad Thumbstick Mapping

Lets say WASD and left thumbstick XY-axis for move forward/backward/left/right. While keyboard events have “press” and “release” option, thumbstick events doesn’t (or I can’t find it), they only have axis value. Is there any equivalent for gamepad?
Because I want to do directional dodge/roll/sprint, I know how to use keyboard input to do that (with press and release) but can’t figure out the gamepad way.

In your directional roll example, you could check to see if the axis value is above a certain value (say, 0.5 for the stick being half-way held) and then putting the actor into a rolling state. You would need to toggle that rolling state to off once the roll is complete.

Here’s an example of how to check if the axis input is above 0.5:

To make it simple just use different input bindings From Edit>Project Settings>Input
and create new action map, from the dropdown menu select under Gamepad and there u can choose from Face buttons, D-Pad, or more preferably from Left/Right Triggers, Shoulder, Thumbstick buttons because I think they are use most. Otherwise, you can anytime change bindings that suits you more OR you can check out From other big games and see how they have managed input.