Question about game market and dev

Hello there ,

I have some questions about some topics that doesnt have been 100% clear for me .

I would like to have a job , that i would be able to develop immersive gameplay and improve it . My question is , this role , is game design ? level design?

and what do i need to know? can i really work only with software for editing , like unreal engine ? :slight_smile:

Sounds like gameplay designer from what you’ve mentioned. From my understanding of the role, programming would be required. You would also work in Unreal Engine.

Check out this job listing by CDProjekt Red - CD PROJEKT RED Gameplay Designer | SmartRecruiters

While game design role responsibilities vary from company to company, it should give you an idea of what to expect. Hope this helps. =)

Yeah, that would be more on the programming side, where you design how things work.

If you want to work more for designing gameplay scenarios then that would be a level designer–in that case you would be working more in the editor, setting up systems and placing objects, you just wouldn’t be implementing new features.

Thanks alot :slight_smile: ! that really helped!

With all the tools i can gather nowadays , i will make a videogame company :slight_smile: for pure pleasure! and i will add good game mechanics , and i will develop good games , as level designer , adding all kind of things , in which one of them will be an improving gameplay design , through blueprints only ull see :stuck_out_tongue: ill get an programmer if needed to help imporiving the final result!

Mark my words :slight_smile: