question about flash

how can i adjust my flash file size and position in ue4. when i work in flash in my game the game just opens the flash file with size of that made in flash program. can i change that? and next question is i work on actionscript 2 as in udk it just was possible to work with ac2. is it still possible to work with it or now there is actionscript 3?

Ue4 do not support Scaleform from Adobe Flash :frowning:

what? is this possible? how you design menu,s and hud for your game? some one tell me. how can it be possible?

Scaleform is available through Autodesk as a seperate license and integration. There is also a number of webkit UI’s available on the forum. Ufna’s VaQuoleUI being one, CoherentUI is also available for a cost. Then there is slate which comes with UE4 (Epics own UI solution) which requires building the UI’s in C++, and UMG is in development as we speak (WYSIWYG Slate editor with other fancy features)

**** it. why that so much changes? everyone on udk was able to work with flash. thank you

i couldnt find any tutorial for any of them you mentioned. how can i make them and add them to my project and use them? i think autodesk scaleform is better than others. am i right?

Hello, there are a few Slate tutorials on the wiki here: However if you do not wish to code, then you will want tocheck out what we will be doing with UMG as Ehamloptiran said.

Scaleform, Bink videos and Speedtree, are all third-party software that were featured in UE3, but they have been removed so that we can work on implementing our own solutions. There will be a twitch stream about SpeedTree integration however, as it will be available for use with UE4. As things develop, other third-party software may be introduced in the form of plugins.:slight_smile: