Question about fit integer from variable into text rendering

I don’t know how to replace the X in the picture with a number from variable

I currently try this method but this setup result my text to be only attempt or attempts, I will try to find out whats wrong, any help will be appreciated noob here

edit: I did the first array from get arrayCONGRAText to get index 0, so it just readjust itself, the problem now is I dont know how to make each array continuation to change the text rendering, when using for each loop I just set the text to the last index’ string

Like this will work ok:


Thanks I go try it out

YES :smiley: im so happy it worked. I did it like this: is there any shorter way with less nodes?

The format node goes like this:

Surround variable with {brackets} and then plug in the data.

I will save this Format Text as another blueprint to keep it in mind. I saw another resolved topic with same issue and i did this

finally it happens to be now