Question about finding the actor name of a component

If you have an actor named “bob”, there is a Root, and then a box (as a body) and then a cylinder (spear) attached to the box.
When anything comes into contact with any part of Bob, it registers as an overlap. The overlap then says “The object called cylinder1x1 was detected.”
It does not say “Spear was detected”.
I can still know the position of the spear, because it’s mesh is cylinder1x1.
But I can not find out how to get it to give me the ID of Bob.

Can someone help with this?

Perhaps you could ID with Tags; tags work well for identifying components and / or actors:

They can be copied, inherited and used like above. And no casting is required for as long as you can detect the component.

The downside is that they’re prone to typoes typos.

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