Question about execution flow and RInterp To

Hey guys,

I’m playing around with reimplementing a Third Person Camera I have written in C#, in Blueprints. While I could likely throw it together in C++, I really want to see the power of this system. But I’m having some trouble maintaining the “Execution Flow” of the system.

Right now (Picture) I have a very, very basic system that rotates the camera to directly behind the player when the player hits a certain button. L-Targeting in a Zelda game, essentially. It RInterps the Control Rotation to the player Direction. Originally it only rotated a small amount every time I pressed or released the ResetCamera input. I tried getting around this using a gate, but there is no way I could find other than randomly sticking in numbers to sync the completion of the RInterp To to the closing of the gate. And if you note the random numbers, that is exactly what I’ve been doing/

Picture of Blueprint

In this particular case, I am hoping to use the completion of RInterp To to signal the gate to close. But even more generally, is there even a way in blueprint to detect if a math function like RInterp To has completed?