Question about EULA


I have read the license agreement, and I have a few questions that do not allow me to sleep :frowning:

I have a legal entity. Every one of my programmers and artists has its own personal account

The license agreement:

  1. The Licensed Technology is licensed to you for use by a single User.
  2. If you are a legal entity, references to “you” in this agreement also apply to the User in all cases. You are responsible for the User’s compliance with this Agreement.

Do not clearly understand these rules

  1. Legal person responsible for the accounts of programmers and artists?

  2. How to understand this rule? The legal entity must have its own account?

Big thanks for response!

Hi MaximVuks,

This is a question that would best be answered in theLegal and Licensingsection of the answerhub. Please make a post there so we can better assist you.

OK, thank you very much!