Question about epic games animation and rigging tool and mesh binding

I’ve been making animations with the animation rigging tool but i’ve been using the proxy mesh that looks like a crash test dummy. I wanted to try to make something a little more visually pleasing.

Do I need to create a skeleton/rig from scratch the hard way on a custom mesh? Or can I use the skeleton created with the rigging tool and put a mesh over it somehow? ty

Both ways work.
Option 1 will require you to have a nice model ready, and then build a skeleton and rig onto it with ART as the manual describes.
Option 2 will require you to model or have a model that fits the existing skeletons proportions. Then just skin it to those bones and the rig should work.

I’ve been trying to find instructions/tutorials on how to do this. Of course, option 2 should be the easiest, right? Since the skeleton is made already with ART. Do you have any links that might help me understand the process?

Not right now… so do you have a model that fits the skeleton proportions?
If so:

  1. Open rig scene
  2. Import model
  3. Skin model to rig skeleton
  4. paint some skin weights
  5. save …done


Not an expert but I grabbed a rigged, weighted character from and just using the FBX import I applied the new weighted mesh with ease to the third person example UE4 skeleton.

In the content browser I clicked import and selected the FBX. In the import dialogue I selected the skeleton my character/animations were set up on (basic UE4 Tim Plate / Manny Quinn skeleton). On a basic level the job was done on import. Some bones were different but the difference was negligible and didn’t effect the animations I was using - your mileage may vary. Jumped into the character class and set the new mesh in the mesh component and hey presto.

In the character BP under the skeleton tab there is also a re-target manager to help with this stuff. Individual animations can also be re-targeted by right clicking the asset in the content browser and selecting ‘retarget anim assets and duplicate’ which I have found useful.

Lot of good stuff in Unreal->Learn->Documentation