Question about ease of use.

I have absolutely no experience in game developing or programming (C++ or otherwise) and I am also easily frustrated. How easy to get into is development with UE4? I’ve loved the UE since my first time ever seeing it (the original unreal) and it’s the only engine I would consider developing with. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Focus on some part. Small scope first!
I had no experience like you and started perhaps a year ago to play with UE4. But i use it only as hobbyist with limited time. Since two months i do nothing else in my personal freetime, then learning, googeling, blueprinting and i have very big big fun with that mighty tool.
Do not try to make an open MMORPG, make something without zombies first.
Follow the UE4 Tutorials first, then repeat them again and again, till you can realize what you want.
If you encounter a specific problem, do not get stuck there, make other project parts, come back later to the stuckstuff and solve it.
User the content, provided by epic and look how they did their magic.
Start using learning Blender for example, establish workflow for im/export, then the magic starts.
When you get frustrated, while stuck, stop working, take a bicycle, ride the frustration out of your body.
Sometimes then pops the solution right into your head.
When you start to really understand how blueprints work (for some areas):
On Event begin play - for each loop - reuse it, extend it, reuse it, extend it.
Create a Boolean for fun and run only through loop, while bool is true. ^^