Question about dedicated servers

I have a question regarding UE4 dedicated servers and their size.

If I were to build my game and all it’s logic in UE4, the game size would be about 8GB.

Would the dedicated server file also be as large? If I followed the instructions here to create it?

Or would it be a ‘lite’ version of the game, since dedicated servers usually don’t have GPUs?

I would prefer if the dedicated server was 100% standalone, making it also light weight.

I’m talking specifically about file size. It sounds as though the game may be 8GB in size, the “Stand Alone Dedicated Server” will be just as large.

The executable file will be slightly smaller, but the game content still needs to be there for the above mentioned reasons. Overall, your package won’t be much different in size.


usually the size of the cooked dedicated server is way smaller because there is a lot of content the dedicated server doesn’t need (textures, audio assets, etc.).
You might need to take care of some of the stuff on your own to make sure this content isn’t cooked for the server.

Best, Eckhard.