Question about dedicate server

I’m trying to make dedicate server following below tutorial.

  1. In that document, description about code is end at 4.18 version. Can I try this equally in 4.22 version?

  2. After build project by Development Editor, nothing happen when I build it by Development Server again. Is there something wrong about this document?

  3. Now I have something wrong about trying dedicate server, so want to develop game first. Is there something difference with listen server development and dedicate server development?

1)Yes you can,and its working in the same way,the only difference maybe will be the Construct method in build.cs,cause it changed due the version upgrade.
2)You should build and it will produce you the “YourGameServer.exe” file that you can start and it will start the local server on your machine.
3)The difference between Dedicate Mode and Listen Mode is that in Listen Mode the “Server is on of your Clients” and in Dedicated Mode “Server is a different machine where two player connect”.
I’ve attach a good document about the networking and how its working.Hope it help you

280287-ue4-network-compendium-by-cedric-exi-neukirchen.pdf (2.11 MB)

Thanks for answer, and I have one more question about 3rd one.

Actually I don’t want to fix so much part of my code.

So If listen code and dedicated code are different, I will study about dedicated again and try to make game after I know how to make dedicated mode.

But If both server code are same or very similar, I’ll try to make game right now.

Is there any difference between listen mode and dedicated mode in code?

RedChicken, no difference!Except some parts of where and what stored.

Thank you very much!!!
That’s what I really want to know.
Now I can make my game. Thanks!