Question about creation collision boxes manually!


I am trying to trying to learn how to create collision boxes manualy since the auto generated once are not good enough.
Im trying to breakdown the collision box mesh types that i must use. ubx, ucx, usp.

Can someone point out of these are correct and which are wrong.


i been trying to read the FBX Static Mesh Pipeline manual.

But i see no support for any hull mesh types. so if i want to build up something like a box i need to build it up with lots of ubx or ucx types. ?
and also. does the naming convesion for the 1st collision model need to start with 00 or can it just be 0. like UBX_MyMesh_0

like this ?

UCX will work, If your original mesh is named box.000 your collision should be named UCX_box.000.