Question about creating animations in UE4

Hi everyone.

I’d like to create a machinima using UE4, but the only thing I’ve been using UE4 is prototyping some gameplay feature so I havn’t use the animation system.
I would like to know if I need a 3D software in addition of the UE4 or it is possible to use a fully riged character (one of the marketplace for exemple) and create animations using the build-in systems of the UE4 ?

I’m sorry if I’m not clear but I’m not sure how to explain it.

Thank you for your time.

You can create animations in the ue4, but it’s better when you do it in a 3d tool as you get a better quality + you can do more advanced stuff. :slight_smile:
When you want to create an animation in the UE4 -> double click on your skeletal mesh - in persona click on the record button - move the bones - save the animation

Ok thank you for your answer.
Ok so it will be “basci” animations if I decide to create them in the editor.

And is there an “easy” 3D software for the animation ? And is there a way to import a UE4 character in this software to create animations ?

I personally would recommend you blender, because it’s free and you can do everything with it, but it depends on your personal preferences → e.g other tools are 3ds max, autodesk maya,… :slight_smile:
You can export the character as a fbx file + import it into the 3d tool

I have a basic knowledge of Maya for level Design thanks to my studies but nothing more, so I’m going to try Blender for the animations.
Thank you.

Here is a good beginner tutorial: + one for rigging and animations: Blender Character Creation: Rigging 1/2 - YouTube :slight_smile: