Question about creating a virtual marketplace and UE royalties

Hello, I’m creating a virtual marketplace and UE seems to be a good option to build it. In a few words, it will be a virtual world, like a game and creators can add their items (in this example, let’s imagine a farmer selling his potatoes), players can buy them with real money and 95% of the price will be for the creator. It’s like a common marketplace but with a virtual world to show the items.

To build this world we want to use Unreal Engine but by reading the documentation (EULA - Unreal Engine) we are wondering if UE gonna take 5% on each item we gonna sell or if the 5% royalty gonna be on our gross margin (so 5% of our 5%).

To make it clear let’s go back on our friendly farmer that selling is potatoes 100$. Our gross margin is 5% so on each potato we gonna earn 5$ and 95$ for the farmer. As we use Unreal Engine for the marketplace, UE royalties are :

  • option a : calculated over the full price so 5% of 100$ = 5$ (and now the farmer earns only 90$, poor farmer)
  • option b : calculated with our gross margin : 5% of 5$ = 0.05$ (still 95$ for the farmer, 4.95$ for the marketplace and 0.05 for UE)

Can someone help me?
Thanks :slight_smile: