Question about creating a new Material.

Okay so, fair notice, this morning was essentially my very first time loading Unreal. So I apologize for the lack of knowledge of even basic things.

I’m trying to do a tutorial/example from World Creator 2. At one point in the process I’m given two options for creating a new material. Both options assume I’m extremely fluent in Unreal. The first option says to copy the contents of plain text file and paste it into a fresh material. Well, I’ve spent over an hour now trying to figure out how to do that and I can’t find any place to paste around 5,000 characters of plain text for a new material.

The second method is only slightly less vague but at least is less frustrating because it wants me to know how to actually make materials normally, which I don’t yet. So, if I can’t figure the first option, I’ll eventually figure out the second.

So anyway, if anyone knows how to paste a bunch text (which I assume defines the properties of the material) into a new material, I’d be grateful to learn this.

Thank you.

Hi, based on context - there are two places you can paste plain text. The first place is to paste directly into the graph. Blueprint nodes are all plain text just wearing a fancy wrapper. You can also copy a group of nodes and paste them into a text file. The second place would be the text field in the details panel of a hlsl node.

Consider going to Unreal Online Learning and taking an intro class or first hour with Unreal class.
Best to get some of the basics in place before world building.

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