Question about Cost of using Custom Meshes for Ragdoll Collision

Hey guys,

So i discovered you can manually create phys body meshes outside of the editor and import them to be used as ragdoll bodies instead of using the traditional capsules/boxes/spheres, now coming from a background where i used Havok/Physics Engines before UE4 i always had my trouble with the authoring of the bodies in the Editor itself.

Being able to shape the bodies in a DCC makes creating Ragdolls much faster, here is a demonstration with a model i took from the Source Engine and its Phys Model converted into Unreal, took less then 2 minutes to setup because the Shapes came from a DCC :slight_smile:

this is a proof of concept right now as i am worried its going to end up more expensive then the common and recommended way, but does anyone here have experience with this in a real Production environment?