Question about colors on FBX imported file

Hey guys,

I recently tried to import a file from blender to unreal this worked but than when it got to unreal and i tried to give it the same color as the building it went to a strange glitchy color. Any 1 got tips how i can do this in unreal? Or do i have to color it in blender? Which would mean that i have to make the same color in blender that i have in unreal and thats pretty difficult for me :s or is here a easier way for? Any 1 any tips?

Thanks in advanced

depends on what you meant by color, if you applied material to imported object and it looks bad there might be something wrong with UV channel of your geometry, post some screens to give us better idea what’s wrong

This is what i did:

Made something in blender.
Exported it to FBX file.
Imported in Unreal content browser.
Placed it in my level.
Scaled it in Unreal Engine.
Than gave it a material like Grey stone.
And than the color was just grey and it didnt look like Grey stone that i added to my building.

I hope that makes it more clear what happend :S

Thanks for helping.

Had you unwrapped the model in Blender?

How do u mean? I just exported it to FBX didnt adjust any settings there. And when importing i applied all settings.

Your model needs to have UV coordinates in order to properly have a texture mapped on it. You do this in your modelling program (not Unreal).
I don’t use Blender anymore so I forget how it’s done there, but this link should get you started if you’ve not done UV unwrapping before:

Okay thanks i will try this out when I am back at home.
If I can’t get it right i will post again :slight_smile: