Question about code editing

Hey guys,

I’m just starting with the Unreal engine, it feels pretty good to me and the blueprints are lovely to work with.
However, I have a bit of a programming background, but in the more ‘business apps’ way…

Anyway, I find it hard (maybe also because I’m not a native English speaker) to understand how to code something for a project within the Unreal Engine.
I’ve done some programming in the Unity Engine a few years ago, and that was as simple as it could be.
You could just create a C# file in the hierarchy of your project and then double click it to open the editor and code away.
Somehow the Unreal Engine makes it hard to understand (at least for me, I might be an idiot :frowning: ) how to code stuff…

Yes, I took a look at the official tutorial and others, but I just can’t figure it out yet. I’m probably thinking too hard.

So, 2 questions, and don’t hate me for asking…;

  1. Why isn’t it implemented as simple as in the Unity Engine?
  2. Is there a very detailed UE programming tutorial for idiots like me?

1 - Because its easier to add interpreted code to a project. There are some things that need to be done before adding native code. But it has a lot of power too :slight_smile:
2 - this is a good place to start, but you’ll have to change some parts of the code to compile for 4.6

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Another addition to point 1 is that not being locked as Unity gives YOU the ability to add things to the engine you may need. The same applies to engine bug fixes. With Unity you are again forced to wait until the Unity developers fixes an issue (like null pointers not throwing an exception and resulting in a segmentation fault in 4.6.1 that has been fixed in the forth patch…).

There was also a recent tutorial on Gamasutra about the basics of UE4 coding that’s up to date with the coming 4.7 :