Question about cinematic handling

hello, i have started to work in a demo in UE4, i’m trying to make the demo to show a fight scene in cinematic mode, this brings me to me a question on how will be the most effective way to control the entire cinematic:

a) all animations made and controlled using matinee
b) controll all the animation in matinee but use a control bo or class to drive the principal character (the hero)

what will be the best option or best way ?

thanks in advance for all your help.

Imo, it would have to depend on the nature of the cinematic. If you’re looking to emulate “gameplay” in your demo with your character experiencing events happening from the player’s perspective, then you would probably go for the latter, however if you’re looking to tell a cinematic story in your demo, the obvious choice would be to use Matinee for all animation control (though if you’re looking to upgrade to 4.12 I highly recommend using Sequencer).

thank you for your advice DahliaLynn