Question about character with changable skeletal meshes

I have a customizable character comprized of 3 meshes. I want the chest to be changable as there are jackets the player can equip ingame that will be different meshes.
Im wondering how to do this. Right now i have added all the meshes into the player pawn but i havent been able to spawn and despawn the ones i dont need. My idea was
that when the player equips a jacket i despawn the basic chest mesh and the other jacket variants that are not used. But have not been able to do so. What is the right way to do this, UMG
examples would be greatly appreciated as i am not a advanced programmer.


Look into using master pose component. That should be what you need.

Hi thank you for the reply. I am already using Master Poase Component. The thing i cant figure out is how to remove and add meshes while the game is running. Sorry, i should have been more detailed in my question. If i for example change the visibility that would still take up processing power i would assume so it dosent feel like the right way to do it?
How is this normally done?