Question about Character Collision and moving the CapsuleComponent

Hi there!

I have been trying to solve a issue for a few days now but im not getting anywhere. I have tried many different solutions and as i am an Artist by trade i don’t have so much experience with Programming so there is probably a better way to solve this issue but anyway! So i have been trying to make the basic controlls for my simple game idea where the goal is simply that you have to get up to the top of a tower from the inside, the plan is to have a sort off’ish 2D camera layout but the thing is that cause the tower is round i want the player to move in a circle and the camera to follow him. To better explain here have my amazing presentation skill:

To solve this issue i changed the character model and offset him on the X axis but keeping the Pivot point in the middle and later when player is pressing A or D “Left or Right” the Z axis rotates. This gave the effect i wanted that the player moved in a circle. The problem now appeared tho. The collision didn’t follow with the modell and the collision in this case is the “CapsuleComponent” and it’s unmovable. This means that the collision is where i have placed the camera and the character wont get any collision at all. I have tried to make a new Sphere shape to use as collision but it refuses to read it, it simply ignores it and either it’s the CapsuleComponent’s Collision or no collision at all. Here is a image showing what i mean:

So my question is do you fellas have a tip of how i can change the position of the CapsuleComponent or making it understand that i want my new Capsule to be the collision? Or is it a way to add collision to the Character Mesh? Or should i change tactic and approach the rotation in another way? I tried some other methods with Blueprint but nothing so far have worked :confused:

Sorry if my explanation sucks btw tired and it’s difficult to explain what i am trying to achieve haha!


#A Better Solution is Needed

The collision capsule will always be at the origin

and you should use collision capsule, rather than mesh collision, because it is more efficient

you need to use a blueprint of your player controller and create some custom movement whereby you get the result of character moving in a circle as you want.

Do not mess with the collision capsule!

Devote your considerable problem solving skills to learning blueprints and start in the Player Controller BP

if you dont have a player controller BP

make one!

make a new blueprint

and use your project’s player controller class

Then start fiddling around in your new PC Blueprint graph

you will want to use the key events, pressed and released,


I have tried to solve this issue for many nights now but i cannot find a way to solve it. I have understood tho that my idea about moving the collision is not possible so i need to take another approach. I have tried adding another cinematic camera and make the character blueprint to rotate using the cinematic camera as axis without any progress. Any tips how to get this idea to work? :confused: