question about CapsuleComponet

I’m working on making a 2D sidescroller and i was wondering if there is anyway i can replace the capsule with a box (do to character having a weird shape and to fix what seems like character floating if you stand close enough off the edge without falling)

there should be a boxcomponent that acts just like the capsule but is just shaped like a box instead

click the new component drop down if in bp and type in box component

i only get box collision but that doesn’t seem to do anything for me

capsulecomponent is the same way (its capsule collision if you hover on it)

you have to make it the new root and then setup its collision properties in the details panel

it won’t let me set a new root

For characters that are using a movement component, you have to use a capsule component :slight_smile:

Capsule or box as a bounding box it’s not refined enough to know when the player is far enough over an edge that it should be in a falling state with out feedback from the player model that in most cases is just along for the ride.

This need is where player model components can help you out by binding a collision object to the left and right feet and then sample it for an event overlap. The logic would be if an overlap event is generated for either of the two collisions than the player is grounded and if the overlap fails on either of the two then the player could be forced into a falling state.

More or less the capsule is only smart enough to get you where you need the player model to go but can not account for environment conditions, AKA context based animations, where the best approach is to give the player component a brain (AI) so it can force the capsule to react to environmental conditions