Question About C1083 Cannot open include file Error.

Hello. I’m currently using a blueprint based project.
However, there is a lack of Steam-related interfaces provided by the Blueprint, so I want to create my own.
I created a C ++ class in the Unreal 4 editor and ‘include’ the header file provided by the engine.
But I get the following error:
I tried to ‘include’ with various paths, but they all produce the same error. How can I solve it?
Please help.

1)#include “OnlineSubsystemSteamTypes.h”
2)#include “…/Plugins/Online/OnlineSystemSteam/Source/Private/OnlineSubSystemSteamTypes.h”

Both 1) and 2) failed.

OnlineSubsystemSteamTypes.h is private and should not be included (notice the Private directory in it’s path)

First you need to include the OnlineSubsystemSteam into your game module using the [YourModuleName].build.cs file

PrivateDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string] { "OnlineSubsystem", "OnlineSubsystemSteam" });

Then “Generate Visual Studio project files” to update your visual studio project to make it aware of the new module.

Then you can include the public header file

#include "OnlineSubsystemSteam.h"

Don’t use absolute paths when including something only relative paths.

Thank you guys!!! Thank so much I’ll try it!!!
Have a niceday!!!
You guys so nice!