Question about build quality settings

Is it possible to drop the quality of the build of an app? On my development box, I get a good consistent frame rate, 40-60, that works very well. When I bring the folder and .exe over to a lower system, the FPS drops down to 4-6, and the ms ends up around 250.
It appears that the build is set to Epic quality, or something that is very high. How can I change that in the final product so others can run it at a respectable framerate?

I’ve been thinking about this. The first thing I’d do is adjust the anti-aliasing quality in the build or project settings (wherever it is) and disable motion blur in your post-processing.

From there you can do things like disable tessellation and adjust the LOD distances or do classical optimisations like reduce object count. but it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to force it to use lower detail mipmaps from a cursory examination. I could be wrong though.

The rule seems to be that UE 3D desktop projects target a Geforce 680 and above. This is sort of mid-to-low range hardware now but we know that plenty of people will still be using 8 year old video hardware. For those guys I’d consider using something like Unity.

Interestingly enough the latest UE lets you build for Windows XP, but I have a feeling this was more of a “because we could” thing.