Question about blueprint communication

I m having a problem with blueprint communication. I’ve made a blueprint which makes the music in the background stop. I want that when i press an UMG button it will then stop the music. But when i use it, it says: “This blueprint (self) is not a Wind_Sound_Effect_1, therefore “Target” Must have a connection”.
Please look at this screenshot:

I don’t know if this will work, but you can try to make an variable which is a reference to your windsounfeffect, and connect that variable to your stop wind breeze.

Like I said I haven’t tested this, but it might be worth a shot.
Reason that you get this error btw is quite simple, you are calling a function from another blueptint it seems, and the self reference in your graph from your widget is a reference to that graph and not to the bp where the function is.
another solution might be a cast but for that I would need to know some more stuff of your set up.And even than I can’t garantee that it will work.

Thanks for your answer. I’m still a newbie and i’m not sure i fully understand. You think you could perhaps tell me a little more detiled?